New 2018 Yamaha NIKEN!

We think that, honestly, until we actually get to ride the new NIKEN we are going to have no clue what to think about it – although it does look rather striking in an ‘Akira’ type fashion!

Three-wheelers have been done before, especially in the smaller capacity market and with some success, but this NIKEN just looks insane. Trust Yamaha to come up with something so bonkers, by which we mean, four fork legs? Nuts!


We’re pretty sure it’s driven by an MT-09 engine, or a derivative of, at least we think it is, full details are yet to be disclosed. Then there’s those four fork legs, two per side, linking the twin 15-inch front wheels. It seems pretty barmy, and on one hand you could ask the question – why?! To which we’d expect Yamaha to reply – why not?! Which would be a fair retort!


Anyway, very much looking forward to seeing what all this is about when we get to thrash one!




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