New 2018 Ducati 959 Panigale Corse!

They could have just left the 959 alone, but then that would hardly have been very Ducati’like, would it? So here it is, the new 959 Panigale Corse!

The bike remains mostly a 959 Panigale, a great machine, but now has a few choice extras on the Corse version. The big difference is the Ohlins TTX36 rear shock and the NIX30 front fork, which is also titanium-nitride treated, and there’s an Ohlins steering-damper added for good measure.


The bike is a couple of kilos lighter than the stock 959, 2.5kg to be exact, and of course it wears a cracking paint scheme that in the photos looks as though it has a matt finish.

This is a good way to keep the 959 line going for the time being, while we wait to see if the ‘beginner’ Panigale will remain an L-twin configuration, or not. Imagine a wee 750 or 800cc V4 version though!


So, not too different from before, but still very very nice!



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