New 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe!

Oh yes, oh yes, this is ‘old-school’ done bang on right by Kawasaki, nailing the looks and feel of superbikes from decades ago, mixing modern perfectly with memories – top job, bravo!

Based on the new Z900RS, it may not be Mr Sporty in reality, but when it looks this good, who gives a damn?

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This is one of those bikes where how it makes you feel is most important, and we’re willing to bet a whole raft of folk out there of a certain age will gobble this up.

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Even the manicured-beard hipsters would probably go weak at the knees!

As we said, it’s basically an RS with a cowl, paint-job and different bars, but like that bike features the following straight from the press release:

Strong, Smooth In-Line Four Engine
Like the Z1, the Z900RS features a 900cc-class In-Line Four – an engine configuration that inherently offers a great balance of power and manageability focused on the low-mid range.

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Kawasaki’s First Tuned Exhaust Note
Designed to elicit rider response, sound tuning is focused on the engine’s initial roar to life, plus idling and low-speed riding where the rider is able to enjoy the exhaust’s deep rumble.

Lightweight Trellis Frame
Complementing a light overall weight, frame rigidity and chassis geometry tuning were selected to deliver light, natural handling. In keeping with its retro model character, the Z900RS’ stance is less forward-leaning than the Z900.

41 mm Inverted Fork
Large-diameter inverted fork contributes to excellent ride comfort and sporty riding potential. The high-grade fork features compression and rebound damping adjustability, enabling precise settings to suit rider preference and riding style.

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Horizontal Back-Link Rear Suspension
Unlike the Z1’s twin rear shocks, the Z900RS features Kawasaki’s Horizontal Back-Link rear suspension. Like the front fork, the rear suspension delivers a balance of ride comfort and sporty performance.

Radial-Mount Front Brakes
300 mm front discs gripped by radial-mount calipers provide sure, strong stopping power. A radial-pump front brake master cylinder contributes to brake touch, feel and control.

Relaxed Riding Position
Whether navigating city streets or winding through the hills, the Z900RS’ relaxed riding position offers both comfort and control, accommodating both leisurely riding or running at a more spirited pace.

KTRC (Kawasaki Traction-Control)
KTRC features two modes that cover a wide range of riding conditions, offering either enhanced sport riding or the peace of mind to negotiate slippery surfaces with confidence.

Slipper Clutch
Race-inspired clutch technology offers a much lighter feel at the lever, as well as a back-torque limiting function that helps prevent rear-wheel hop when downshifting.

Pretty cool, huh?


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