New 2018 Kawasaki ZX-10R SE!

We didn’t think we’d get a brand new ZX-10R from Kawasaki, but they have surprised us with this update, featuring semi-active electronic Showa suspension, Marchesini wheels and an up/down shifter – nice!

The current R is a great machine, and the RR is even better, but this SE version makes the purchase choice a bit tricky to say the least if you’re after a Kawasaki superbike, and nothing other than a Kawasaki superbike! Three excellent choices, hmmmm…

The 7-spoke Marchesini wheels are darn nice, and the addition of both an up and down-shifter is also great, bringing it in line with the competition.

But the big news is the Showa semi-active suspension, which adapts in real-time to road or track surfaces in a single millisecond. It has three modes: Road, Track and Manual, and in the latter you’re able to tailor rebound and compression damping to your own liking.

Pretty damn fly, but which ZX would you prefer now, then?