Big Bad Blowers – Out Now!

In the current issue of the magazine OUT NOW (334, Dec 17), we pit two big blown bads against each other – Kawasaki’s supercharged 193bhp H2 and a bespoke 429bhp Suzuki GSX-R1000 K5!

We could be about to see a serious input of fresh air, if you’ll pardon the pun, into the production bike market in the not too distant future. Kawasaki have the H2 nutter and now the H2 SX tourer, and are known to be looking at producing the technology in smaller capacity offerings on motorcycles to come.


Suzuki are also thought to be pouring development into the turbo side of things for their expected and inevitable resurgence, hopefully starting in late 2018, but we won’t hold out breath until we see something official.

So right now, if forced air induction is a must for you, you can either buy a old 1980s turbo whatever (there were a couple, but they’re all rubbish!), or you go down the modern Team Green H2 route, or, you bolt a whacking great big turbo onto something, like the 429bhp K5 we have here.


But, which is best? Find out inside!

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