Olfi One.Five 4K Camera – Biker Bundles!

After the success of Olfi’s Black Friday deals through Fast Bikes, they have gone and created a couple of biker bundles just for you! There are two on offer, so here they are!

To read our review of the camera head right here Olfi 4K One.Five Review

The first ‘Biker’s Bundle’ weighs in at £169.95, and for that you get:
To BUY NOW head right here Olfi Biker’s Bundle


– Olfi 4k Action Camera
– 32GB Micro SD Card
– A Handlebar Mount
– The Olfi Spanner
– £5 Olfi Gift Voucher

You’ll save £15 over buying them all separately and, of course, can use the £5 voucher to buy other mounts or accessories.


Then there’s the ‘Pro Biker’s Bundle’, and for £199.50 one receives:
To BUY NOW head right here Olfi Pro Biker’s Bundle

-Olfi 4k Action Camera
-32GB Micro SD Card
-A Handlebar Mount
-A Suction Cup
-A Charging Bundle
-The Olfi Spanner
-£5 Olfi Gift Voucher


Saving over £30, this is the one we really like, because you get not only the suction cup, but also the charging pack with two spare batteries and their own charger, too, normally £29.99 by itself. Plus for both deals, getting the right SD card thrown in is one job you don’t have to do!

Here’s what already comes with the excellent Olfi 4k One-Five camera


So that’s a great camera with some extra essential bits and bobs, at a reduced price – win win!

£169.96 Biker’s Bundle BUY NOW
£199.50 Pro Biker’s Bundle BUY NOW




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