Test Of Time – OUT NOW!

In our current issue, (336, Feb’ 18), we take two Bimota race bikes separated by three decades of development and sling them around Cadwell Park to see just how times have changed…

Long, long gone are the days where Bimota would show the Japanese (or anyone else for that matter), how to make a bike built around their engines handle properly. By the mid 1990s the rest had caught up and Bimota’s dynamic USP was all but dried up – bar still looking stunning of course!


However, they still sure know how to build (when they get around to it…) some stunning machines, the BMW powered BB3 is proof of this. Way back when though, Bimota were kings and indeed won the first ever WSB race at Donington Park with a certain Davide Tardozzi onboard.

We chose a different Park, Cadwell, to see how Bimota’s Yamaha (120bhp) FZ750 powered YB4 stacks up against its modern (200bhp) BMW powered sibling.


Find out how they fared inside!

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