Just Five Days Left For 20% Off RotoBox Carbon Wheels!

Ending on Monday the 30th, is Velox Racing’s offer of 20% off a set of Rotobox carbon-fibre wheels, so if you’re hankering after a set, and can afford it, now is the time to buy!

Carbon wheels have a remarkable effect on a motorcycle, losing unsprung weight is the ticket to a much faster steering, and better handling motorcycle. It also makes the odd wheelie a little easier, too! The Rotobox wheels are around £2,500 before tax, and before adding things like sprocket carriers etc, you can find more info on their website linked at the bottom of this page.


Here’s some blurb about the new Boost wheels: Rotobox Wheels are the strongest, lightest and stiffest Carbon wheels available on the market today, where other manufacturers use dated vacuum bag and autoclave techniques, Rotobox use high pressure Resin Transfer Moulding to create their industry leading and beautifully finished wheels, with the best performance and looks available on the market.

The new BOOST wheel improves on the RBX wheel to give even more strength and stiffness but with the same great weight savings and a thinner improved spoke design, the steel strengthening wire has been moved to the edge of the rim to increase edge protection and rigidity.

Velox Racing has 20% off a set until Monday the 30th April, so get cracking if you’re after some!


Interested? Head right here Rotobox 20% Off Sale



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