Watch – Pyramid Plastics’ Extenda Fenda & Puig DB Screen – 2017 Yamaha YZF R6 – Fitment!

It’s not all light-weight wheels, full titanium exhausts and sticky tyres here at Fast Bikes! Okay, it’s mostly that kind of thing, but often items deemed as far less ‘sexy’ are actually incredibly practical, just like these front/back ‘Extenda Fendas’ we’re fitting here. That Puig screen though, mmmm…

Charlie’s longterm R6 gets a bit of extra love with some Pyramid Plastics’ kit fitted to it, namely their ‘Extenda Fendas’, which help keep road muck off the harder to reach (or clean, rather…) parts of your bike. Best bit? They’re a very cheap mod which could save you time when cleaning duties are calling.


Next was a Puig ‘double-bubble’ screen, to give the R6 an even racier look (if that’s even possible!), and allow a smoother ride for Charles, when tucked in behind the bubble, going flat out down the A350 to buy some milk – bloody hooligan!

To see Pyramid Plastics’ ludicrously extensive range covering hundreds of bikes, head right here Pyramid Plastics


Anyway, here’s a wee video of us fitting the kit to his Yamaha – enjoy!



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