Ducati Launches ‘Link App’!

Ducati, never one to rest on their laurels, continue their journey into the new digital world and how to connect that to motorcycles, by launching their own Ducati Link App!

Designed to work with your smartphone, in partnership with e-Novia, the app is slated to help with the following three things, ripped right out of the press release:

The relationship that each biker has with his machine: using Bluetooth technology, the application connects to the bike and, while riding, records information supplied by the on-board control unit such as speed, lean angle, power delivery and acceleration. Then, at the end of the ride, the rider can check aspects of his performance, analysing the evolution of the data over the course of the journey.


The journey and the discovery of new roads: using the smartphone’s GPS, the Ducati Link App records the route travelled and, by allowing you to integrate photos and comments, enables the rider to relive the highlights of his experience.

The pleasure of sharing: as part of a real community, you can use the app to share details of itineraries, images and suggestions for other bikers.


Ducati big-cheese, Claudio Domenicali, has this to say about their new venture:

“The launch of the Ducati Link App is another step forward in the Company’s digital transformation process. The application has been designed to be a tool enabling constant dialogue between bike and rider. Thanks to the connection between bike and smartphone, the rider will be able to enjoy an increasingly engaging driving experience, transforming each trip into a memory to be shared and relived at any moment. We are particularly happy to have been able to develop this technology with a partner like e-Novia, an impressive, dynamic Italian company, in further confirmation of the ingenuity and technical skills that characterise and distinguish our country.”

“The collaboration between our ‘Enterprises Factory’ and Ducati, a renowned Italian brand, has led to the creation of a highly innovative and pioneering product in the field of smart mobility, able to improve the driving experience and to enhance the performance of a great Italian industrial product”, says Vincenzo Russi, CEO of e-Novia. “We are proud to have worked together with a company such as Ducati, contributing with our know-how in the fields of electronics and artificial intelligence to the digitalization process of a world’s leading motorcycle manufacturer.”


To link can be downloaded by anyone, yes, even non-ducati owners, as many of the functions are not dependent on the connection to the bike, the Ducati only side comes in with the sharing and caring part of things.

Available via iOS or Google Play, hit whichever of those sites up to grab it.




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