Parrish Times – My Life As A Racer – Out Now!

Steve ‘Stavros’ Parrish has finally gotten around to writing a book about his racing career, and as you’d expect if you already know anything at all about the man, it’s bloody entertaining!

Due out on the 24th of May, we’ve been allowed early access to the book and can confirm it is a damn fine read, barely a chapter passes without a big belly laugh or three – modern racers, bless them, would be the world’s biggest superstars if they ever got up to a fraction of what Parrish et al did back in the day!


Even just the first chapter alone is funny, entertaining, somewhat informative yet also poignant, setting the tone nicely for the rest of the madness and mayhem that follows.

We will be writing a full review of the ¬£13.29 (hardcover on Amazon, ¬£9.99 on Kindle) ‘Parrish Times’ book soon, but for the meantime here’s the links for anyone wishing to order it.


To BUY NOW head right here Parrish Times





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