Watch – Asuga Helmet Dryer – Review!

Drying one’s helmet, the kind you put on your bonce before all the wags start, isn’t something many ever think about a great deal, but when it comes to track days when it’s nice, warm and sunny, some kind of machine to do as much would be handy. If you’ve ever been worried about that, fret not, Asuga have you covered…

We tried this 199-Euro Asuga dryer out on our big SBOTY test in May, and every single person was slipping their lids onto it in between riding sessions. The unit was designed by Aldo Drudi (he of Rossi helmet painting fame). It took about 20-mins to dry, which is ace, but you can find out exactly what we think in the video below and if you want any more info, head directly to Asuga right HERE




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