Beware Fake Bike Kit!

There’s a growing trend of ‘fake’ bike kit and bits these days, and it could well be that many people don’t know exactly what they’re buying…

Of course, smart bikers do their research first and the majority will tend to figure out whether something is straight-up or not. But, sometimes things slip through, or a cheap price is so ‘cheap’ they simply cannot resist. Or, a non-biker is looking for something for a biker, and they’re snared by the low cost. It happens, basically.

A couple of years ago, we were contacted by someone who had bought their girlfriend some matching levers for her bike, the same as he had fitted on his. Except, the levers on his bike were the genuine (and very good) Pazzo levers one can find in the UK from Speedycom. The levers on the girlfriend’s Suzuki however, were ultra cheap knock-offs bought from eBay. Can you guess what happened next? When braking for a 90-degree bend, one of the holding pins (or something) fell out when under load, the lever essentially came off, and she and her beloved steed cartwheeled their way through a field. Ouch…


Now there are also fake helmets, as Arai UK discovered one day which you can see in the picture below.

Arai felt compelled to post the below on their social media channels:


IMPORTANT NOTICE! Do not purchase these helmets as they are FAKE! Arai Helmets are passed to very strict EU standards and are designed to save your life! Fake ones are not only counterfeit designed but can be counterfeit safety standards as well. Please use our dealer locater on the whyArai website to find officially registered Arai DNA centres before committing to an online purchase for the authenticity of our products.

They’re not alone, there’s even fake clothing out now too, so do be careful and put in the time to properly check something out before you hit ‘buy’. Things sometimes aren’t the bargain they appear to be…



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