National Stolen Motorcycle Database Launched!

Fresh from the ‘finally, someone’s doing something about this’ files comes this, Bikers United, a national database where victims of theft can report their stolen motorcycle or scooter and alert other bikers in real-time to a theft in their area – good on ’em, about time too!

Bikers United (BU) will also make it possible for suspicious activity, or sales of stolen bikes, to all be reported onto said database. Their aim is to make it more difficult for the thieves to operate, to squeeze them more than has been possible right now outside of usual law-enforcement, but still working within the law. As much as many would say how they’d love to take a cricket bat and some likewise packing mates to a bike thieves party, and as fun as many may think that would be, it could cause you far more trouble than what you’re trying to prevent…


Some bike theft is random, but a lot is also ‘to order’, be that an entire machine or one that’s broken into parts for sale. They are also stolen for use in committing other crimes, too. BU believes that us, as bikers, are far better positioned for noticing suspicious activity when it comes to bike theft, and they have a valid point. BU’s website will enable people to upload images and details of anything suspicious that’s observed – all of which can be supplied to the Police if needs be.

Bikers United was setup by a fella named Ben Cope, who in fact for many years was one of our own ‘brother’ motorcycle journalists and, as someone who lives in bike theft riddled London, had enough of the current situation. “As an individual, it’s hard to tackle bike crime”, said Ben, “However as a group our collective input can make a difference. Bikers are, and have always been, a tight-knit community and there is a huge appetite to help the police track down and prosecute criminals who have, up to now, been operating with impunity. The structured nature of our reporting system enables us to build a picture of where these criminals are operating and gather clues that will prove vital additional evidence to the police. It will also alert local bikers to incidents in real-time and with this knowledge they can help look for your bike and ensure they maximise their own security.”

A stolen moped gang’s garage…

A worthy endeavor no doubt, and while we’d all love an instant fix solution to the rampant theft and general twattery that’s been getting ever more annoying for so many, there is no such formula just yet. Bikers United is a fabulous start though, another weapon in the anti-theft armoury, and it can only work by us lot helping it to work, so keep them mince pies peeled and get involved!

Yeah… we don’t like you much…

You can find Bikers United and loads more info right here Bikers United , or on Twatter here BIkers United Twitter , or on Facebook right here Bikers United Facebook Page



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