Used & Abused: Alpinestars GP Pro Suit reviewed!


Here at Fast Bikes we like our asses intact, bikes fast, and products to be as slick as possible. So, just for you guys we test out the latest and greatest bits from the world best manufactures. First up, Dangerous has been thrashing the GP Pro suit from Alpinestars…


I really like this suit. It looks smart, fits well and comes with a hi-spec of features. I’ve had it almost two years now and it’s weathered well, with no signs of fatigue or frayed stitching. It’s really hard to fault, with my only criticism being the price. At a hundred quid the wrong side of a grand it’s not the cheapest of cowhides on the market, but I guess you’re getting a considered and durable suit for your dollar. It’s really well vented and when you factor in how many Kevlar zones, stretch panels and double panelled sections it has, it’s not particularly weighty and the preformed design meant that it was comfortable right from the off. It’s stretched a bit over time, but it’s definitely not got baggy – or maybe I’ve just got fatter?

The GP Pro’s airbag compatible, but it doesn’t come with Alpinestars’ coveted TechAir system as stock. It does have loads of armour in it though with CE certified protection in the knees, elbows and shoulders. There are also hardened plastic areas on the outside of the suit (knees and shoulders), called Dynamic Friction Shields, that make you look more ripped than you are and encourage sliding rather than aggressive frictional gripping if you do lob yourself down the road. I’ve somehow not yet christened this suit, but it’s nice to know such features exist.

The suit’s inner 3D mesh is comfy on your skin, but I always wear an undersuit anyway. One of the suit’s best features is the inside breast pocket, which you can fit a decent amount of crap in; phone, small wallet, lipstick – the usual. There’s no back protector as standard, but there’s a clip in feature should you buy Alpinestars’ Nucleon KR-R back protector. Personally, I’ve not, as I’ve just used my trusty Forcefield L2K Pro, which has worked faultlessly. Just like the suit.


Alpinestars GP Pro suit

Tested by: Bruce


Miles: 6,000

Time: 2 years

Price: £1099.99



Tel: 0039 0423 5286

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