Four new Kawasakis coming in a fortnight

KAWASAKI’S been doing great work recently, with its monstrous supercharged H2 bikes, new 125 Ninja and Z learner-machines, plus the sweet beefed-up ZX-10R and ZX-636R models released for 2019.

2019 Ninja ZX-6R

But there’s more on the way! The firm’s global website has four bikes sitting under dust sheets, all set to be revealed at the EICMA Milan show two weeks on Tuesday. What could they be? You can’t tell too much from the images, so there’s a bit of informed guesswork going on. We think there could well be another supercharged bike on the way – Kawasaki’s not done with that technology, and has shown off some concept supercharged naked designs. Maybe with a smaller capacity motor, getting litre-bike performance out of a 650 twin or similar.


Apart from that, we could see some Versys updates – the 1000 and 650 haven’t been tweaked in a while. And the success of the retro Z900 RS will surely encourage more on that front from Team Green?

More here on the new 2019 machinery over the next couple of weeks.

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