Yoshimura releases new pipes for Honda’s new Monkey 125

Monkey 125 Yoshimura pipe
Monkey 125 Yoshimura pipe
Monkey 125 Yoshimura pipe

WE’RE big fans of the new Honda Monkey 125. Okay – it’s just a 125, but there’s something about that phat munkee style that just makes you grin. Plus, we were always taught that a small bike is just the job for perfecting your 12 o’clock wheelies in comfort and safety.

So Honda Monkey 125 – a good thing. But what’s even better is a Honda Monkey 125 that’s been tuned to buggery. And the first step is always – always – a tasty exhaust. Yoshimura is the gold standard when it comes to ‘sweet pipes from Japan’, so we’re happy to see they’ve been hard at it with the little Monkey.

The new RS-3 designs come in full system or slip-on form, and feature a custom hard-anodised end cap with titanium tip, special inner core baffle and an integrated heat shield, all designed to deliver style, performance, tone and fun. On the full system, you get a performance boost of 7.3% extra bhp, while torque is up 3.1% – plus you save 2.5kg in mass. Double, and indeed, bubble! It also sounds sweet as hell – check the Youtube video:


All you need to do now is get the big-bore forged piston kit, 4-valve head upgrade, the full Motec ECU kit, 2D Dash, and the nitrous kit sorted. Bosh.

The slip-on RS-3 can costs £551, with the full system a little more at £631 (we don’t know why you wouldn’t plump for the whole shebang here). More info from the folks at Performance Parts Ltd: