Ready to buy a new bike but not sure which kidney to sell?  Well we are here to tell that you can put that scalpel and kidney tray away because these days there are loads of really great ways to finance a new (or used) bike purchase…

For most of us, a bike is one of the biggest things we buy. After a house and a car, a proper motorcycle will be the thing that soaks up most cash. Times are hard for lots of people, but we still need our bikes don’t we? If we’re smart, we can get the bike we want without scrimping on school shoes for the kids. Bless them.


Picking the right way to get the cash together is essential though. No matter what you’re buying, or how – superbike or scooter, new or used, dealer or private sale – there are loads of ways of getting the finances right. Now, Fast Bikes isn’t any sort of financial advisor, obviously – we can barely run a kitty at the pub on a Friday night (Boothy never puts in his £20). So don’t take any decisions on this stuff without making sure you know what you’re doing and asking a grown-up if required. Especially the parts about robbing banks and selling drugs.

The simplest way to buy a bike is, of course, with hard cash. And for private bike sales, that’s the way most folk still like to work. In these days of credit card fraud, fake Paypal payments, banker’s drafts from Nigerian princes and the like, having a pile of crisp £50 notes on the kitchen table is simple, easy, and straightforward. It’s not without risk of course – carrying £15k in cash around in a Tesco carrier bag is a nervy situation, and there’s no comeback once cash has been handed over, unlike with other financial transactions. Dealers can also be less keen on cash; it brings security worries for them; they have to get it to the bank, or keep it on the premises, plus they have to think about mad stuff like money-laundering regulations and Proceeds of Crime actions.


It’s an absolute bloody maze out there, so be smart. Pick up this month’s mag here to get the lowdown on the best ways to fund your fun!


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