KTM PAYING THE VAT on its offroad weapons IN 2019

Austrian firm knocking 20% off its dirt range

STUCK FOR that last minute xmas gift? Well how about a full-bore 450 KTM enduro, with the VAT paid?

As we all know, riding offroad is a great way to get fit, hone your bike skillz, and get valuable loyalty points at your local A&E department. And Brand Orange is helping us all with this admirable aim by knocking the VAT off its EXC enduro range and the 50-85 minibikes models.


The KTM promo is available at participating dealers, who can be found at www.ktm.com/gb and you’ll find all the terms and conditions on there too.

Here’s a list of the bikes covered, and the prices:

KTM Minicycles

50 SX Mini 2019          £2,916
50 SX 2019£2,916
65 SX 2019£3,499
85 SX SW 2019£4,199
85 SX BW 2019£4,199

 KTM EXC Enduro

250 EXC TPI 2019        £6,541
300 EXC TPI 2019£6,749
250 EXC-F 2019£6,833
350 EXC-F 2019£7,041
450 EXC-F 2019£7,124
500 EXC-F 2019£7,208


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