Kawasaki Japan restarting production of Z1 parts

Kawasaki Z1

KHI has dusted off the plans for the original 1972 superbike, and is making new cylinder heads

OKAY, THIS is a bit of a niche one – and is probably one for our sister title Classic Motorcycle Mechanic – but it did tickle us. Over in Japan, Kawasaki has announced it’s going to start producing Z1 cylinder heads again. Yep – the retro scene is so strong, it seems, that it’s worth their while producing and selling a batch of brand new heads for the inline-four, eight-valve 903cc motor.

Kawasaki Z1

The Z1 – and the Japanese market 750cc Z2 version – was the machine that famously knocked the Honda CB750 off the top of the superbike pile. Its mental 81bhp output freaked out all the flare-clad hippies, and is surely a large part of the reason why punk happened.

Anyway – if your no-expense-spared Z1 concours rebuild has been stalled for want of a good head (!), then you’re in luck. Contact your dealer would be the obvious next step…

Here’s the full story, courtesy of Google Translate.