Heated Gloves from KEIS, because the winter may not be over quite yet…

KEIS have long been the purveyors of Heated Clothing, Heated jackets, heated trousers and even warming pads for the soles of your feet – but they have now added the G501 Premium Heated Arnoured Outer Glove to their range.

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Heated gloves have come a long way and the G501 is testament to this, no longer laced with delicate wires to heat the garment this glove has Micro Carbon Fibre panels to deliver warmth at three settings.


A well placed button on the upper side of your wrist sits just below the cuff point and shows red when the gloves are at full power, yellow with a medium heat and green as the lowest setting.

The KEIS dual powered system means that these gloves can be powered direct from your motorcycle battery with a full fitting kit provided, or if you are wanting to keep warm when off the bike (or have multiple machines) you can buy a separate battery power pack.

Either way you need to power the gloves via wires that run down the inside of your jacket sleeves plugging into each glove; yes this can be fiddly – especially if you choose to wear the G501s with the padded gauntlet on the outside of the cuff, but wearing it inside makes more sense in set up, and they’re bloody good.


KEIS have created a proper motorcycle glove which you can wear all year round with the feel and dexterity of a summer glove, knuckle protection, thinsulate liner, waterproof membrane and full CE spec that meets the very latest demands of approval.

Complete with a visor wipe and double Velcro straps to close the gauntlet, I found the G501 extremely comfortable and with the heat technology covering the top of the hand at the point that are most vulnerable in the bitter cold they are extremely effective.

Even in the coldest weather, with pretty dramatic wind-chill I couldn’t fault the G501s performance. The battery life (additional purchase £66) is admirable as well, although using a direct power source from the battery would be my ideal choice if I wasn’t jumping from bike to bike.


A further review on this product is available on BikeWorld’s YouTube Channel, with further details direct from the Keis website found here.

I have seen a couple of people sniff at the £189-00 price tag, but its an investment which you recoup in motorcycle miles in no time – I mean, have you seen the price of train ticket nowadays?



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