Safe as houses.

Cunning anti-theft bike storage for folks in flats…

We saw this on Facebook the other week, and were well tickled. It looks like nonsense at first – but it makes perfect sense. Stop bike thieves, by hanging your bike up in the air! A sturdy block and tackle, well-bolted onto your outer walls, then you simply hoist ‘er up fifty feet, right outside your window. Then, you can relax with a beer watching Game of Thrones, safe in the knowledge your bike won’t be nicked by neds. Amazing!

A free FB t-shirt to the first person who does this in a British high-rise flat. We want to see a GSX-R hanging outside a 13th-floor flat. Make sure you use plenty of rawlplugs when screwing it in though – we wouldn’t want to hear about any low-flying bike incidents.


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