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Is there such a thing as a sensible sportsbike? Well, if there is, the Ducati Supersport S and Suzuki GSX-S1000F ought to be just that. Beano spent a fortnight with them to suss out whether they are sensible or nonsensical.

Image: courtesy Chappo

I’ve never really found myself asking the question, ‘Do I really need a full-on sportsbike for everyday use?’ Of course I do. However, given most manufacturers all seem to offer sporty all-rounders in their line-ups, I was given the task of living with a couple of different examples for a few weeks to see if they do make more sense than race reps and, more importantly, if they are enough to keep a smile on my face.

Given that I am a bit older, a bit more substantial and definitely more decrepit than the rest of the FB team, the boys decided I was the ideal person for this test. My plan was to use the bikes daily for commuting and a bit of fun at weekends to find out if one bike can be all things to all men.

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The bikes we chose were very different takes on the same idea: Ducati’s all-new Supersport S priced at £13,395 (there is a standard version with a few less fancy bits for £11,995) ought to be a pretty stylish way to get to and from work, but could it be a match for Suzuki’s GSX-S1000F built from the parts bin and priced at £10,299. Most importantly though, would either of them be enough to tempt me to reconsider my normal choice of steed?

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