MV Agusta announces Super Veloce 800 retro racer production

The super-cool looking 800 triple will be in shops next year

Now, obviously, the real news we want to hear from MV Agusta is an all-new F4 1000 superbike with 250bhp, active aerodynamic wings, and optional unicorn-leather soft luggage range. But we’ll settle for this in the meantime. Yes, the neat retro concept machine the firm showed off last year at the Milan show is set for proper production, and will be on sale next year.

The Super Veloce 800 Serie Oro (gold series) will match the firm’s F3 800 middleweight supersport foundations (148bhp triple motor, steel trellis frame, slick running gear) with a lush, Bike-Shed-like 70s style bodywork makeover. It looks pretty sweet, and the 800 triple engine underneath is a good ‘un. In performance terms, it sort of fills in the ‘GSX-R750’ gap which the slackers at Suzuki have shamelessly left open now, albeit in a pricey, exotic form.


No word on price as yet, though expect it to be on the stiff side – this is a premium product, with exotic design and componentry, including neat TFT colour dash, rider aids and all that good stuff. Expect firm spec and prices at the Milan show in October this year. The firm is also taking pre-build orders on its website at

There’s also an extremely rude launch video accompanying the Super Veloce 800 launch, which is a bit gauche if we’re honest. I mean, we used to have naked women all over the mag, so we can hardly throw stones here. But we’re buffoons, not a world-class motorcycle manufacturer who’s got social responsibilities and that. Ah well. The video is below – make of it what you will…

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