BMW Builds concept bike-carrying pickup truck

X7-based GS-schlepper sadly only a one-off for now…

It’s one of the great mysteries in life – why doesn’t BMW make vans? Mercedes is happy to take cash for sweet Sprinters and Vitos, and despite the Bavarian firm making all manner of fat-arsed 4X4 Chelsea Tractors, it’s balked at making a proper truck.

This is a bit of a halfway house though. Made by a dozen apprentices at the firm’s Concept Vehicles division in Munich, it’s based on a 340bhp xDrive X7 4×4, with the rear cut away and replaced by a slick wood-lined pickup truck loading deck.


It’s 2.0m long when open, and is apparently long enough to carry ‘full-sized’ bikes, though we suspect it might balk at a K1600. It’s equipped with air suspension, and is 200kg lighter than the stock car, thanks to carbon fibre bodywork. It’s also no beauty, looking like a proper hairy-arsed Ozzie ‘Ute’ pickup.

Chances of this reaching production are probably nil, sadly. But we’d still love to see a proper BMW panel van, with M-sport and V8 rwd options please!

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