USED & ABUSED: Yoshimura Quick Throttle Kit REVIEWED!

Want to go faster, quicker? Well look no further than a quick action throttle kit…

I’ve got big hands, but grabbing a full rotation of a GSX-R 1000’s throttle seems a stretch beyond me. I had two choices; a wrist extension operation, or to treat my bike to a quick action throttle. I decided to go for the latter and spent a fair bit of time checking out the competition. There are lots of options for L8 Suzukis, but one stood out among the many. It was Yoshimura’s Quick Throttle Kit, and the reason it appealed to me was because of its simplicity.

It didn’t require additional cables, deciding on what coloured cam to insert, or how I should alter my hairstyle to suit it… it just needed bolting to the bike and the original throttle cables attaching. I’m not the most mechanically minded, but within 40 minutes it was bolted to the bike and working like a good’un. That said, because of the angle of my ‘bars, I did have some clearance issues to sort, and I also chose not to follow the instructions that suggested I mutilated my right-hand switchgear – I just moved it up the ‘bar to make place for the new arrival.

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So, what’s it like to ride with? Well it’s brilliant, in all honesty. I was a little apprehensive that the power would be too harsh and the delivery unpredictable, but the quarter turn throttle tube is perfectly linear in its design, so it gives a familiar feel to the standard unit… only in a much smaller range. Most importantly, I’ve found I can now pull the throttle to the stop and my wrist is not left in an awkward angle. It’s transformed my riding experience and I’m really pleased I’ve made the call to fit one now rather than suffer unnecessarily.

Carl’s got the same bike and his stock throttle gives him the same grief, so I dare say a few other folk out there will be having the same issue. If you are, look no farther for your solution. This is just the ticket.

Tested By: Bruce
Miles: 1000
Time: 2 months
RRP: £277.00

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