And with over 550 new parts, it’s a hell of a lot more than just a facelift…

Come on, no matter where you sit on the sporty scale, you’ve got to admire Suzuki’s Hayabusa. I mean, sure they were fairly hefty and chunky back in the day, but they did absolutely crazy things in terms of speed… and now for 2021, it’s back. And yes, its bigger than ever.

Engine: The 1340cc engine has been heavily redesigned for the 2021 model, with the aim of boosting performance. For starters, they’ve gifted the ‘Busa with new, lighter pistons, more rigid and lighter conrods, new camshaft with revised cam profiles, a new cam chain tensioner, revised crankshaft and crankcases, new gearshift stopper, cam, and cam plate, new slipper clutch assembly and even changes to the combustion chamber. Suzuki say that it will be the fastest Hayabusa yet (even though it’s electronically limited to 186mph, and got less power and torque) whilst giving a more rideable and flexible engine.

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Chassis: Although the chassis remains largely the same, Suzuki have done some work on it. Not only is there a new and lighter subframe, but it also comes equipped with fully adjustable suspension, Bridgestone S22 tyres, new wheels and bigger Brembo Stylema stoppers.

Ergonomics: Suzuki have told us that for 2021, the Hayabusa will be a much friendly weapon to ride, thanks to the fact that the bars are now 12mm closer to the rider.

Electronics: The ‘Busa has received a pretty hefty set of electronics that starts with a ride-by-wire throttle, and includes IMU-governed ABS and traction control, cruise control, launch control, bi-directional quickshifter, engine brake control, three power modes, plus three preset rider modes and three user-defined modes.

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PRICE: The new Hayabusa will be available in authorised Suzuki dealerships in March 2021, with an RRP of £16,499

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