2022 Honda Monkey 125 released

2022 Monkey 125

Legendarily fun mini-bike gets Euro5’d and has a general brush-up

The Monkey is one of those bikes that you can’t help smiling at. And with a history dating back to 1961, it’s a solid part of Honda’s heritage. First built as a 50cc toy for a kid’s fun zone at a Tokyo amusement park in the early 1960s, it’s since evolved through a range of guises. It’s been a fold-up commuter to go in the boot of a car, or parked up on a boat. It’s become a big hit with motorhome and caravan fans. And in more recent years, it’s been a trendy fun commuter and urban runaround. It’s probably about the most fun you can have with 9-ish bhp and a basic chassis design.

For 2021/22 then, Honda’s brought it back into the range with a new Euro5 engine, that makes a little more power, and gains a fifth gear in its transmission. Chassis tweaks include new two-stage shock springs, and the formerly-optional pillion seat and pegs are now fitted as standard. Two-up on a Monkey? Why not?


Price is £3,899, and the new Monkey 125 will be in dealers this August.

*Honda also sent out a load of pics of historical Monkeys, including the original 1961 amusement park ride, the 1987 Monkey ‘R’ and the later 1991 Baja rally-raider and Freddie Spencer rep from 2004. Lovely wee things!

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