Dunlop Mutant tyres – new fitments and review

Over 140 models now covered by crossover sporty-touring tyre

Need a fresh pair of sporty road tyres for the new season? Well Dunlop’s Mutant is well worth a look. It was an all-new design for last year, (though some of you might have missed that due to 2020 being a bit of a mess…) and features a radical tread pattern that looks a bit like a cross between a race wet and an adventure touring tyre. 

Despite those looks, the new Mutant’s definitely aimed at road riders, and is available in a massive range of sizes. Dunlop has thrown the kitchen sink at it in order to give all-year-round performance, with silica-enriched tread compound, multi-tread construction and a Rayon ply casing for fast warm-up. The firm also claims the front tyre is specially constructed for improved handling and high-speed stability, even on supersports bikes.

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We’ve done a fair chunk of miles on Mutants between us, and the results have been impressive. Loads of grip mid-corner, and a really nimble feel from the front end profile in particular. I’ve just had a pair fitted to my old Fazer 600 (which you can see more of in our sister title Classic Motorcycle Mechanics magazine!) and they’re excellent, sharpening the steering up a treat. Warmup is fast, and they have a really communicative feel. Premium rubber for sure.

The new Mutant sizes are a pair of rears – 150/60ZR17 and 160/60ZR17 – which adds to the existing fittings: 110/70 17, 120/70 17, 110/80 18 and 120/70 19 fronts, plus 170/60 17, 180/55 17 and 190/55 17 rears. Something for almost everyone there.

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