Ultimate Addons phone holder

UA’s latest compact iPhone 8 case

Access your phone on the move with this top-notch mounting system

I’m very aware that it’s not for everyone. But if, like me, you want to have your phone available for use on the bike, I reckon you’re best off with a tough waterproof mount. There are various Bluetooth links on a few new bikes, which do let you access sat-nav, calling and music/radio on the move with your phone in your pocket or in a fairing pocket. But for me, you can’t beat having access to the full screen and all the controls right there at hand.

Enter the Ultimate Addons phone mount setup. It’s a tough, solid outer case, lined with impact-absorbing elastomer material and a touch-friendly front screen panel, a clear camera window on the back, and the option of proper buttons for power and volume. It’s got two serious camming clips which close the front panel double-secure, and on the back there’s UA’s own three-prong mounting lug. This clips into a wide range of attachments, which can be fixed to handlebars, top yoke centre nuts, mirror stalks, and various other points on your bike. There’s also a waterproof lower port so you can easily connect a charging cable, and the case is available to fit most current and recent smartphones, as well as a universal case option. A security lanyard gives peace of mind on the move, but the attachments have always been rock-solid for me, even at big speeds on naked bikes.

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Loads of fitting options

I’ve been using my UA case for more than three years now, taking it on riding launches, long trips to the frozen north, and loads of daily rides. I even use it on my bicycle when out for training rides. It’s taken a serious amount of abuse, and only recently started to show its age, after I dropped it in the garage and tore the front screen panel. I’ve picked up another case though, and am all set for another three years+ of use (the old one is still doing great work, mounted full-time on my bicycle).

I’ve tried a few other phone mounts, and the UA setup is by far the best I reckon. Your phone is properly cosseted in a beefy waterproof outer case, it’s easy to access all the controls, and paired with a set of Bluetooth earbuds, I won’t go further than the end of the road on my bike without it. Music and angry talk radio, plus Google Maps, keeps me going on the longest of rides, and with a variety of bar mounts, I’ve been able to fix it onto 99 per cent of the test bikes I’ve been riding.

Dowds has managed to fit it to almost every bike he’s ridden over the past few years

I’ve saved the best bit till the end as well – Ultimate Addons is based in the UK – up in the Scottish Highlands to be precise – so you’re buying from a top small firm here in Blighty.

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The Ultimate Addons kit starts around £32 for the case, with the mounts from around £15 to £35. Not a cheap option then, but a really solid, good-quality one.

More info on local dealers, or buy direct, at: www.ultimateaddons.com.

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