2022 Ducati Panigale V4S

Engine, chassis, aerodynamics, electronics and ergonomics all tweaked on the mighty Panigale

Big news from Ducati on the first public day of the EICMA show: a new Panigale V4 and V4S, that’s claimed to be even faster round a track, but also easier to ride for all skill levels. The engine has an extra 1.5bhp thanks to a revised oil pump and exhaust headers, now up to 215.5bhp. More midrange too, not something the 1,103cc V-four engine has ever been short of to be fair…

There’s a posh new fork for the V4S too: Öhlins’ NX25/30 gas pressurised unit, which was first seen on the Panigale V4R. The 25/30 refers to the size of the damping cartridges in each leg – one is 25mm one 30mm. Each leg is optimised for compression or damping performance – a sort of separate function design. What’s new is that the NX25/30 fork is plumbed into the Öhlins Smart EC semi-active electronic suspension system, along with the TTX36 rear shock and Öhlins steering damper.

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There’s also new bodywork, with more efficient aerodynamic winglet panels, which give the same downforce (37kg at 300kph) for, presumably, less drag. The fuel tank/seat area has also been revised for better grip when you’re braced up against it under braking, and more room for your arms to grip on mid-corner.

The electronics have new rider power modes, and the colour LCD dashboard has a new Track Evo display mode that’s got more track-friendly info in an easy-to-access format. Finally, there’s a new separate green LED gear display unit that’s easier to see away from the main dashboard display.

No word on price yet – expect a bit of an inflation hike compared with last year, but the bikes are on their way to dealers now, so get ye to a Panigale vendor forthwith and get your name down!

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