Beauty vs Brutality

When it comes to MV Agusta’s Brutale 800 and Superveloce models, it’s fair to say that the Italian marque has crafted two insanely gorgeous and yet completely different machines, despite a wealth of cross-over tech and components. Which of these two weapons is most worthy of your wonga?

Some days at work are good, and some days are great. But when there are two utterly gorgeous MV Agustas sitting in the garage waiting for a serial spanking – well, that’s the sort of day that dreams are made off.

And both are special in their own way; the Superveloce has been crafted for beauty in one of the nicest retro dresses we’ve ever seen, while the naked and audacious Brutale 800 RR SCS comes equipped with so much styling and character that it’s up there with the best of them in its sector. We’ve ridden it loads and it’s always left us feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

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As for the Superveloce 800, which first came to light back in 2018, we’ve been chomping at the bit to swing a leg over it ever since… and now that day has finally come. Despite what some might think, it’s not just some parts-bin special built from dodgy components, but, in fact, the opposite.

Underneath that insanely sleek retro bodywork is an F3 800 – you know, MV’s incredible handling middleweight maestro. Mind you, the F3 has always been savage in terms of pretty much everything, from the power delivery to the riding position, which is why I’ve always been gagging for something a little softer to take on the roads… and it looks like it’s finally here, in the form of the Superveloce 800.

Okay yeah, it contains the same engine packing 146 horses in the same chassis, but MV has gifted the Superveloce with its very own front and rear subframes, a slightly remapped engine which MV say will make it more usable, and a softer riding position, all encased in what can only be described as an utterly gorgeous outfit that wouldn’t look misplaced in a designer shop window.

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But then again, if you’re going to spank this amount of cash on a middleweight, you need to know you’re getting the best tool for the job – and it has stiff competition in the form of its more antagonistic, naked sibling. For good reason, too; sharing much of the same in the form of its components as its retro rival, the Brutale has always been the hostile weapon in the armoury.

The combination of those big wide bars, the aggressive geometry, the low weight and that rev-hungry triple motor have made the Brutale 800 RR one of the best middleweights in the biz as far as fun goes, and now MV have gifted it with its delightful Smart Clutch System as well. Does that ring a bell? No? Well, it should.

We first used it on the launch of its touring Turismo Veloce machine and it was absolutely ace, as it renders the clutch lever redundant, turning the Brutale 800 into one of the craziest semi-auto machines that cash can buy.
So, when beauty takes on a beast… which is best?

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