Tried Out: R&G Paddock Stands

Whether you’re a habitual track addict or simply like to service your bike like a pro, paddock stands are essential to the cause.

MILES: Here, there and everywhere
TIME: Two years
PRICE: Front (£86.98) / rear single-sided (£132.99) / rear double-sided (£86.98)

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At Fast Bikes, we like a bit of both, which means we have a solid need for decent stands… and luckily for us, we’ve got a fleet of R&G stands that have seen us right for years on tests, up and down the country, as well as on the odd trip abroad.

The brand’s Elevation series boasts a couple of rear options, including a double-sided type unit with adjustable hooks to coincide with swingarm-mounted bobbins, and there’s also a solid, single-sided unit that can incorporate different spindle arms to suit the your bike’s dimensions (sold separately).

All stands come coated in a tough, black powder coat finish, which means you can launch them around the paddock or the back of the van without too much concern for their finish. Trust me, these are tough stands, and the adjustability of the arms on the front and double-sided rear unit means they’re versatile enough to fit just about any bike.

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And if your bike’s front forks aren’t the type to accommodate the pin-type applications that come as standard, a trick I’ve learned is to reverse the pins so they’re slotted outside of the frame, meaning you’ve got flat edges on the inside, perfect for slotting against most stanchion bottoms.

The double-sided rear works exactly as it says on the tin, or steel, to be more precise. It would be handy if there were cup-style attachments too, as not every bike has, or can, facilitate bobbins.

The single-sided option also gets my praise for simply doing a decent job. It’s got a sturdy build quality and the changeable spindle means it’s no one trick pony. A couple of circlips is all it takes to slot one pin out and another in.

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There’s not much more I can really say, other than I think they reflect good value for money and have proven implicitly durable over time. What’s more to ask for?

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