VFR400 Brake Nightmare

After paying some attention to the basics, I needed to concentrate on the more serious issue of the completely shot rear brake and cracked front disc. Sorting new front and rear discs was simple and another visit to Wemoto meant I had a rear master cylinder rebuild kit and new seals for the rear caliper. I brought the bike over to our workshops and then asked Moby for some help, since he’s got a piston puller and a wealth of experience that I don’t.

Because the rear pads were worn so badly, the pistons were jammed out of the caliper; no wonder the rear brake felt a bit on the non-existent side. Moby thought there was a chance that because the metal of the pads had been wearing against the disc, the brake fluid could have boiled in the line and the whole lot would need replacing, but fortunately it wasn’t as bad as that.


He took the pistons out of the rear caliper and cleaned the whole lot up for me in our parts washer before fitting new seals and at the same time rebuilding the rear master cylinder – massive thanks for that. As the rear brake pads had worn down to the metal, the rear disc had more grooves in it than a James Brown record and Moby also replaced this, along with both front discs, meaning the brakes were once again trustworthy and working, which is reassuring.


Next time: The carbs come off for an inspection and clean…



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