The Best Motorcycling DVDs & Blu-rays!

We have rounded up some of the very best video related motorcycling content, from Guy Martin stuff, to movies, to race seasons and all sorts!

We’ve also stuck up links to buy where we can to save you some searching, but at the same time a lot of this stuff may be available in your local dealer, too, don’t forget!

Guy Martin – Total Speed Blu-ray
£15.99 / DVD £12.99
BUY NOW – Total Speed Blu-ray
BUY NOW – Total Speed DVD

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Catch up with everyone’s favourite biking nut-job on his ‘Speed’ series, with this Blu-ray featuring all 13 of his speed challenges, including his F1 special and the ‘world’s fastest motorbike’ which, as we all know, wasn’t… Nevertheless, there’s a great deal of Guy goodness in this Blu-ray (or DVD).

Guy Martin – Last Flight Of The Vulcan Bomber Blu-ray
£8.99 / DVD £8.99
BUY NOW – Last Flight Of The Vulcan Bomber Blu-ray
BUY NOW – Last Flight Of The Vulcan Bomber DVD

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No it isn’t bikes, but Vulcan Bombers are cool, Guy is fun as the host and there is some absolutely stunning footage of the Vulcan in flight – word!

Fastest / TT Closer To The Edge / Senna DVD Boxset
BUY NOW – Fastest / TT CTDE / Senna DVD

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What a packed feature this is, with three superb motor racing films: Senna, which is great if you haven’t seen it. Fastest: Brilliant MotoGP documentary and lastly, TT Closer To The Edge, also a stunning documentary on the Isle Od Man TT Races – all three are bloody superb!

TT Closer To The Edge – 3D Blu-ray
BUY NOW – TT Closer To The Edge 3D

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Have you seen this already? It’s amazing! But have you seen it in high-def Blu-ray, or, in 3D? It does add another dimension to it alright if you’re set up to play 3D content.

MotoGP 2017 Blu-ray
£13.30 / DVD £16.99
BUY NOW – MotoGP 2017 Blu-ray
BUY NOW – MotoGP 2017 DVD

Enjoy an absolutely brilliant year of MotoGP once more, with this crystal clear Blu-ray release, or on DVD, too. With some cracking racing worth savouring while the snow falls, this is a great present for any fan!

If you are after other seasons, here’s from 2011 – 2016, including Marc Marquez’s first season and, of course, all the shenanigans from 2015, too!

MotoGP 2011 Blu-rayBUY NOW – MotoGP 2011 Blu-ray + DVD
MotoGP 2012 Blu-ray – BUY NOW – MotoGP 2012 Blu-ray / BUY NOW – MotoGP 2012 DVD
MotoGP 2013 Blu-ray – BUY NOW – MotoGP 2013 Blu-ray / BUY NOW – MotoGP 2013 DVD
MotoGP 2014 Blu-ray – BUY NOW – MotoGP 2014 Blu-ray / BUY NOW – MotoGP 2014 DVD
MotoGP 2015 Blu-ray – BUY NOW – MotoGP 2015 Blu-ray / BUY NOW – MotoGP 2015 DVD
MotoGP 2016 Blu-ray – BUY NOW – MotoGP 2016 Blu-ray / BUY NOW – MotoGP 2016 DVD

Racing Together – A History of MotoGP Blu-ray
£24.99 / DVD 10.64
BUY NOW – Racing Together Blu-ray
BUY NOW – Racing Together DVD

This is first ever, official and full history of Grand Prix motorcycle racing from the very first race all the way up to modern times. Wow your friends in the pub with your awesome knowledge of racing history, or just enjoy it all by yourself – it’s a cracking watch!

Hitting The Apex Blu-ray
£9.99 / DVD £8
BUY NOW – Hitting The Apex Blu-ray
BUY NOW – Hitting The Apex DVD

Another incredible documentary on MotoGP by Mark Neale, this time focusing on six racers and their time in the sport – captivating, brilliant viewing!

Faster / Fastest / Hitting The Apex DVD
BUY NOW – Faster / Fastest / HTA DVD

Including the original MotoGP documentary by Mark Neale, and still the best we think, Faster covers the end of the two-stroke era as it transitions into the new four-stroke based GP timeline, and the rapid rise of one Valentino Rossi. Well worth all your time, then dive into the sequel ‘Fastest’, and ‘Hitting the Apex’ – hours of excellent viewing.

Road Blu-ray
£6.99 / DVD £5.32
BUY NOW – Road Blu-ray

A must watch for all biking fans, especially those who lean more towards real road racing. This film narrated by Liam Neeson covers the Dunlop family dynasty over the decades of their road racing lives – be warned, it’s a tear jerker!

Best Bike GPs Of The Decade DVD
BUY NOW – Best Bike GPs Of The Decade

Awesome video covering some of the best races from motorcycle Grand Prix during the 1980s, featuring Kevin Schwantz, Wayne Rainey, Randy Mamola, Wayne Gardner and many, many more – it’s two-stroke heaven!

Transatlantic Challenge 1984 – 1987 DVD
BUY NOW – Transatlantic Challenge DVD

Awesome watch this is, as we see the old (and much missed) Transatlantic challenge in full swing, with GP bikes versus Superbikes, Britain Vs America with some proper legends of the sport in play. Enjoy Schwantz and Rainey knocking lumps out of each other at Brands Hatch, or Ron Haslam at Donington Park riding a road going VFR750 (complete with horn!) against the rest on their pukka racers. A lot of goodness lies herein!

Legacy – A Personal History Of Barry Sheene DVD
BUY NOW – Legacy – Barry Sheene DVD

Who doesn’t love Barry Sheene? Oh, you don’t, you over there at the back? Well after watching this, you sure will! Bazza is a true legend of the sport, one of the very best, which you’ll discover in this superb documentary.

Silver Dream Racer Blu-ray
£8.99 / DVD £7.99
BUY NOW – Silver Dream Racer Blu-ray
BUY NOW – Silver Dream Racer DVD

Much maligned, but now very much a trip down memory lane, this movie sure divides opinion, but it’s a much better watch in high-def simply for racing history being presented in such clarity – you can read our review of this Blu-ray right here Fast Bikes’ Silver Dream Racer Blu-ray – Review!

World Superbikes 2002 DVD
BUY NOW – WSB 2002

Revel in one of the greatest seasons ever of WSB, with undoubtedly one of, if not THE, best final races ever seen between Colin Edwards and Troy Bayliss, with Brit Neil Hodgson sticking his oar in too!

British Superbikes 2017 DVD
BUY NOW – British Superbikes 2017 DVD

Witness another amazing year in BSB with yet another fight going down to the final race between Shane Bryne, Leon Haslam and Josh Brookes – a banker of a stocking filler!

British Superbikes 2011 Blu-ray
BUY NOW British Superbikes 2011 Blu-ray

A landmark year in BSB, with one of the closest title-winning final races in the history of motorcycle racing, anywhere, ever! Enjoy it all over again as Tommy Hill and John Hopkins fight tooth and nail for the BSB crown!

The World’s Fastest Indian Blu-ray
£11.90 / DVD £5.36
BUY NOW – World’s Fastest Indian Blu-ray
BIUY NOW – World’s Fastest Indian DVD

Incredible biking movie with Anthony Hopkins starring as Burt Munro, taking his 1920s Indian Scout to the salt flats in Utah to set a new land speed record. Not seen it? Do…

On Any Sunday – The Next Chapter Blu-ray
£15.29 / DVD £12.99
BUY NOW – On Any Sunday Next Chapter Blu-ray
BUY NOW – On Any Sunday Next Chapter DVD

This ‘new’ version delves into how biking has changed since the original OAS, including Marc Marquez, Travis Pastrana, Robbie Madison and many more!

On Any Sunday DVD
BUY NOW – On Any Sunday DVD

The original documentary is still great now, and if you needed any other reason to watch it – Steve McQueen is in it! Hop to it!

Duke Video – Various

Duke have an incredible library of bike racing from all disciplines, going back decades, so much in fact that it’s easy to get lost in all they have! But no doubt you’ll find plenty here for either yourself, or your loved ones to enjoy.





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