MTC Exhausts – Price Correction

at 04:34pm January 31 2011
MTC Exhaust

Although close to perfection here at Fast Bikes, we’re only human. On page 36 of the March issue, in the Products section, we featured MTC’s new Tri-Oval Carbon can and gave you an incorrect price of £145. This beautifully fabricated ‘zorst actually starts at £180 which is still an unbelievable bargain. Sorry and thank you.

Lightech In The UK

at 04:47pm May 28 2010
logo lightech

Lightech – purveyors of exceptionally nice aftermarket parts – have appointed MOTO.GB as their official UK distributor, which means you can now get hold of their stunning range of over 7,000 aftermarket parts with near-effortless ease.

Used Product: Draggin Jeans

at 10:00am August 17 2009

I was in dire need of some new riding jeans, and got hooked on the idea of some Draggin numbers after seeing their mint advert with some absolute honey barely containing her arse in a pair – the power of advertising eh?

Used Product: Alpinestars S-MX R Boots

at 05:03pm June 4 2009

Let’s talk about winter boots. Now I know we’re out of the depths of winter, and summer seems like it’s well and truly here, so you’re probably thinking, “Why the hell is he banging on about winter boots?” I guess I just wanted to shout about them, really. My longterm Alpinestar S-MX Plus boots gave […]

Used Product: Arai RX7 GP Helmet

at 10:00am November 26 2008

I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time – the new Arai RX7 GP. We first heard that it was in development about two years ago, and the UK importer has got very bored of me asking when it would arrive.

Used Product: Wolf Waterproof Gloves

at 10:00am November 16 2008

Quite frankly, the weather out there is shite and I was getting fed up of water coming in everywhere with my sports summer gloves. These £69.99 Wolf waterproof gloves featured in our ‘Stay Dry’ Products special pages in the December issue, so I half-inched them from the kit store.

Used Product: Dunlop KR106/KR108 Slicks

at 10:00am November 11 2008

Here it is in a nutshell: these are the best tyres I’ve ever tested. They’re so good that in the course of a one-day race meeting, consisting of two 15-minute qualifying sessions and an 18-lap race on the Donington National circuit, I can’t honestly say that I found their limit or truly got a handle […]

Used Product: MotoGP 08 Game (Xbox 360)

at 04:01pm November 10 2008

The MotoGP series of videogames started out as an impressive franchise that degenerated into increasingly arcade style outings, without a single impressive outing on the so-called ‘next generation’ consoles of Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.

Used Product: Oxford Dormex Bike Cover

at 10:00am November 9 2008

I ride everyday, rain or shine, but that doesn’t mean all my bikes have to conform to the same demands. While I have scant regard for wrapping myself up against the weather, my more delicate machines need a little bit more love.

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